What is Cool?

"We speak the language of visual artists (photographers, painters, tattoo artists), musicians, actors, filmmakers, foodies (restaurant and bar owners), and those in the entertainment industry...In short, we pass on plumbers."Merriam Webster is about as helpful in this regard as a boy scout without the dangling lure of iron-on badges, because everyone defines cool differently. Rock ‘n’ roll is mother’s milk to some, while others would describe it as noise. At EMuse Creative, we see cool as entirely relative. Depending on what it is, cool will immediately appeal to one demographic while possibly (and likely) alienating another. In other words, some people are going to be turned on, and others might be turned off. And that’s exactly what good marketing should do—create cool. The point of a web site, billboard, poster, flyer, business card, logo, etc. is to instantly appeal to your specific target audience. 

So who’s EMuse Creative’s target audience—other creatives. We speak the language of visual artists (photographers, painters, tattoo artists, etc.), musicians, actors, filmmakers, authors, foodies, restaurant and bar owners, etc. And that’s who we want to work with.

Working on marketing for lawyers, accountants, construction sites, and plumbers is cool to some marketing firms, but in short, we don’t do plumbers. If we don’t believe that we’re in the target audience for your business, you’ll never even hear from us. We’re a small, highly specialized shop and extremely selective about our client base.

Other marketing firms want to create an image for you that’s popular, which usually means generic templates that people don’t generally dislike, could be applied to just about any business, but that no one really loves. At EMuse Creative, we’ll make you cool. Read more »